Cummins Allison

852 Feehanville Drive
Mount Prospect, IL 60056

Phone: 847-299-9550
Fax: 847-299-4940

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Company Description:

Cummins Allison is a global leader in money-handling solutions in all industries. Thousands of retailers around the world have installed solutions from the front-of-store to the cash office, including money counters, coin sorters, self-service coin machines, and cash drawer/till processing solutions. Customers enjoy equipment that is unmatched in speed, accuracy, reliability, and ease-of-use. Process tills faster, reduce cash-office labor, match deposits with bank records more often, and reduce shrinkage. Cash is still a significant part of retail transactions, so be prepared with the righ solutions in the cash office.

Product Information:
The JetScan iFX series is the latest technology and the fastest, most accurate money counter and check scanner available. The JetScan iFX i100 processes 1,600 bills per minute – 33% faster than other money counting equipment. With fewer jams and advanced counterfeit detection, it's the fastest, most accurate cash counter machine around. Designed for speed, accuracy, durability, ease-of-use, simple software upgrades, this is the money counter for all retailers.

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