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Company Description:

Zello is the leading push-to-talk voice messaging app empowering retail teams like Restoration Hardware, Uniqlo, and GoodWill to communicate instantly and securely. The Zello app turns your mobile devices into quick and affordable walkie talkies over any WiFi or carrier network. With Zello, workers are more collaborative, efficient, and productive, maximizing your bottom line.


With Zello, managers create and customize private group channels and individual accounts for retail team members from a centralized, web-based management console. Key areas of impact for business include:


·         Savings: Traditional radio systems cost thousands between purchasing and maintenance. Zello works on any iOS, Android, or Windows device, including most merchandise scanners. Workers equipped with Zello respond to issues quickly, preventing large and costly damages by accident.


·         Sales Goals: Salespeople stay on the salesfloor with Zello because trips to check inventory are unnecessary. Monitoring communication channels provides accountability and minimizes worker inactivity.  


·         Customer Service Ratings: Workers equipped with Zello communicate in front of customers quickly and with complete transparency. Communication is discrete when required with the use of accessories like earpieces. Appearing professional boosts customer service ratings and long term customer loyalty.


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In-Store Communications
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