Cognitec Systems Corp.

200 Ledgewood Place, Suite 100
Rockland, MA 02370

Phone: 781-616-0600

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Company Description:

Cognitec – Premier face recognition technologies for retail security, loss prevention and business intelligence

Cognitec develops market-leading face recognition technology for enterprise and government customers around the world, offering products for facial image database search, video screening and analytics, and border control.

The FaceVACS-VideoScan product, currently in use in various major casinos, stores, stadiums, and restaurants across the globe, performs real-time matches against facial image databases, and analyzes faces to compute anonymous data about people count, age range, gender, and people movement in time and space.

The software reliably compares faces to image databases and identifies known individuals. Retail staff can react in real time to greet valued customers, observe or react to known shoplifters, and stop banned persons from entering.

In short, Cognitec’s facial recognition system combines the multi-faceted aims of security and business insight in one comprehensive solution.

But the software alone won’t produce optimal results. Stores are looking for a cohesive, integrated system that combines hardware, software, and services, and that integrates seamlessly into their existing systems and operations.

Types of cameras, their positioning and tuning; high performance server choice; setting up an optimal network infrastructure; configuration of the solution; funding and deploying the system—all these components play an important part.

Making them work together, and supporting their continuous operation and maintenance, needs a specialist face recognition company with a proven track record in the retail and hospitality industry.

Security may be the top concern for stores when selecting a face recognition system, but a safe environment for all customers and employees, a profitable business, and support from the community will provide true rewards for investing in this leading-edge technology.

Product Information:
FaceVACS-VideoScan detects and extracts people’s faces in live video streams and footage, and performs real-time identity checks against image databases to find known persons. Anonymous facial analysis over time allows the software to compute people count, demographic information, people movement in time and space, and to detect frequent visitors and crowds.

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