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304-3 McAlpine Street
Toronto, ON M5R 3T5

Phone: 917-512-8066
Toll-Free: (888) 617-0712

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Company Description:

You need a team to support your business's growth. Your team may need re-energising to spark new ideas, innovations, and to breathe life and passion back into the business. New hires need soft and hard skills to be successful in their roles. Moreover, high potential employees have an untapped capacity. We develop and implement programming that supports your people, your business and your strategy. 

  • Performance support - Supporting your team’s development is at the heart of our business. Sustainable performance is a result of the programming we build with you and for you.
  • Learning strategy - Whether we are part of, or developing your learning ecosystem, we are committed to serving your teams and your business strategically. You don’t need training elements for the sake of them. You do need your business and learning objectives met. We promise that for you.
  • Building bench strength - Teams need onboarding, HiPo’s need to reach their potential. Getting and keeping employees connected, engaged, and performing is key to building your organization’s bench strength.
  • Implementation & engagement plans - Our work expands beyond the training program. To be effective, ensure engagement, use, transfer, and application of skills we need to go further. We support you with implementation, engagement and transfer plans that suit your organization and learning strategy.


What we do

  • Web, mobile, e-learning, microlearning
  • Live sessions and workshops; instructor-led and virtual-led
  • Video and asset development
  • Blended learning programmes
  • Coaching and training maintenance
  • Proven learning and development techniques with appropriate innovations in learning and development
  • Role- and skill-based online course licensing


Your success stories

Our record of success is really your record of success. Promotions, business launches, category growth, and stronger negotiations are a few of them. Your results are meaningful and earned. 

  • 98% sponsors said we helped solve a real business issue
  • 74% of participants say they developed strategic or leadership skills
  • 100%  of participants and sponsors say the training was worthwhile
  • 54% saw improvement in a KPI within 2 months
  • 84% added a new idea to their business within 2 weeks


Who we are

We work and operate in an industry of significant size, and upskill the product commerce and retail professionals working within it. Realize the business and development success resulting from a global perspective and well-crafted training. Join us. 

Assortment / Category Management
Employee Training
Merchandise Planning
Retail Training Programs
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